Friday, March 18, 2011
Today I had to go to Children's Hospital in Seattle to get a CT scan. I was scared because they were gonna put a needle in me for the IV. But they do something called a "pop can." It sprays onto my hand and it kind of sprays everywhere. It's really cold. It makes my hand numb in a circle where they will put the needle.

Then they put the IV in. I was really scared but it only hurt a little when they were wrapping my hand up with the tape.

Then a lady took me to the CT scan room and I laid down on a big table. It looked like a giant floatie. I thought it was cool. It mostly had space stickers on it.

Next the lady had to put CONTRAST in my IV so the pictures they were taking of my tummy would be easier to see. It made me feel warm for about a minute, but it didn't hurt.

Here's a video of my CT Scan:

Here are some of the cool pictures they took of my body on the inside. It was weird that they could do it with clothes on and a blanket over me. I love looking at my spine. It's so cool. After we were done, the nurse took out the IV, and it hurt. But now I'm ok.

Then Mom took Chloe and me to the cafeteria and we had some lunch and looked at the fish in the big fish tank!


Megan Ivy said...

i love you Annie i hope you are OK!!!!

Will said...

I'm glad you got that over with. I didn't like them putting the IV in my hand either.
I had to go through the "big white donut" also when my tummy was hurting bad so they could see what was going on inside of me.
I was tipped backwards a little bit, so the contrast made me sick for a little bit.